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On Being Single in Seoul and Wanting Noodles at 1am

A few days ago, at 1am, I suddenly found myself with severe cravings for Japanese style ramen. I tried to suppress them, but failed miserably, and thus I found myself walking the streets around Sinchon station in an attempt to find a place that ...


The Pie Hole

In Sinchon at the outskirts of the bar and nightlife area is a small café with the, for most westerners, the rather eye catching, name “The Pie Hole”. Whether the name is meant as a joke is unclear. Joke or not I’ve found it to be a great ...


Hand-in-Hand Burger Keeping it Real

Situated about halfway between Hongdae and Sinchon is a seemingly insignificant burger joint called Hand-in-hand Burger. Though the ceilings are high the place is small and minimalistic in their decoration, a bit factory like. Walking by you could ...

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