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A Stroll Through Mangwon Market

Visitors to Seoul should all spare some time to experience Korea’s vibrant culture, unique foods, and shop for great bargains at the city’s world famous markets. Most visitors are attracted to the well-known markets of Seoul, such as ...

Angry Mom Sandwich

Dining with Lord Sandwich

Sometimes nothing quite hits the spot like a good sandwich, or sarnie as they are often called in the UK. The sandwich is considered to be named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, because of the claim that he was the inventor of this ...

호호미욜 2입구 야경

HoHo Myoll 호호미욜

Of all the cafe’s I’ve been to in Seoul, Hoho Myoll made the biggest impression on me. The adorable cafe is extremely popular from being featured in the KBS drama Love Rain (사랑비). This whimsical, charming little cafe was cozy ...

Nap Time

Cat Cafes: 청춘 고양이

I’m definitely, 100%, a dog person. I LOVE dogs of every breed shape and size, but to be honest… occasionally I have an itch that only a cat can scratch. While I don’t think I could ever be a cat owner I do think they’re pretty cute. I like ...

오삼 콩불

Kong Bul (콩불)

Whenever I have friends or family visiting, they know they can always count on me to take them to the best food places. Of course, after a day or two in Korea there’s a good chance they’ve already maxed out on Korean BBQ and street food and are ...


Part-timing Stories in Korea

Studying in Korea would be a great opportunity any foreigner can acquire and experience. Aside from the beautiful country and the promising culture, the universities are also prominent for the degrees that one can acquire. However studying far from ...

Strawberry Latte & Waffle

The NEW Hello Kitty Cafe

Hongdae’s Hello Kitty Cafe has got to be one of the neighborhood’s biggest attractions. Down a small alley on Hongdae’s busiest shopping street stood a lovely two story bright pink cafe, with that iconic HK bow on it. Everyday, ...

Breakfast Buffet

The Famous Lamb

The Famous Lamb is a lovely little cafe tucked away in one of the many back alleys of 홍대 (Hongdae). It’s here that I like to retreat to for a little quiet time in the afternoon or a lovely breakfast in the morning with my other half. There is ...

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