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Working Holiday Visa, H1

If your country is on the list of 22 countries, you are able to obtain the working holiday visa for Korea The working holiday is for those, that want to work and travel in Korea for a year or less. As the visa will let you stay, for up to one year in Korea. You will

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Student Visa, D-2/D-4 Visa

If you’ve gotten accepted by your Korean university, it’s time to apply for your students visa being either a D-2 or a D-4 visa. The D-2 being for regular students, and the D-4 being for language students attending a language program. With your student visa you are eligible to work, though for D-4 you will

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Cheeky Kiwi: Bringing New Zealand’s Best to Seoul

In Seoul’s energetic and youth filled college neighborhood of Sinchon finding a bar is never a hard thing to achieve. Being in the vicinity of Yonsei University, Ewha Women’s University, and Seogang University, Sinchon has every reason to be a center of night life. The entire neighborhood is home to a plethora of diverse bars and

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