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Get your ESL classroom ready for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. While it’s not officially celebrated in Korea nonetheless, it is becoming very popular in Korea these days. Of Course, the halloween celebrations and parties are different than back home and you won’t see kids going around trick-or-treating. Just like kids back home love Halloween (and the candies), Korean kids are

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How to make an effective Lesson Plan (Part II)

Last post I talked about how to make a lesson plan. Continuing the same topic, in those post I want to talk about various issues you may run into in an ESL classroom and what to do if your lesson plan does not work out the way you envisioned. Why do I need these supplemental

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How to make an effective Lesson Plan (Part I)

Many new ESL teachers complain about how their classes are boring or their students seem unmotivated. Even though some teachers may prepare for their classes for hours in advance, their lesson seem to finish early and then they have no idea what to do with their students for the rest of the class time. Many

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