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Non-professional Employment, E-9

The E-9 Non-professional Employment visa, is a visa made for workers coming to work in the manual labour field. Every year, the Korean government announces industries, and size of enterprises allowed to hire foreign workers. Though the countries that can apply for a E-9 visa, is limited to a list of 15. The 15 countries

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Artistic Performer, E-6

If you’re planning on coming to Korea, and work in the creative field. The E-6 Artistic Performer visa is for you, as the other artist visa D-1 will not allow you to make a profit. Or if you’re coming to Korea, to become a professional athlete the Artistic Performer visa is also for you. The E-6

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Long Term Residency, F-2 Visa

The Long term residency visa, also known as the F-2 visa. Is a visa that gives you residency in South Korea, which means you gain access to long term residency after being in Korea for more than a year or more. The visas that are eligible for getting the f2 visa through the point system are,

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