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The Battle with Dust

When I first came to Korea, I noticed that during certain times of the year, people would come out of the house wearing cloth masks to cover their noses and mouths. I thought Koreans were extremely paranoid and way too prepared for any surprise. ...


How Useful Are Foreign Teachers Really?

During the last few years, the number of jobs available for foreign English teachers in Korean public schools has significantly decreased. According to an article on The Korean Observer, the number of foreign teachers has dropped from over 9,000 to ...


5 Things to Expect When Working in Korea

Working in Korea is completely different than working in your home country. Besides the obvious of having to accept the fact that you will always be considered “foreign” when working with Koreans in your place of work, there are a number of ...


Snackin’ On the Go (Part II)

Last year I shared my top three must-have winter snacks in Korea. Now I’d like to start the new year by adding three more to the list! 붕어빵 (Bungeo Bbang)/ 잉어빵 (Eenguh Bbang) Bungeo bbang literally translates to “crucian carp ...

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