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T’was an experience in Korea

Time surely flies faster than it seems. I am now back home (literally my country home), after two wonderfull years in Korea as a student/part-time worker/poor traveler. A lot of people have wondered why I say poor traveler, when I was able to go ...

Ice Churros

For the Love of Churros

Fads are always coming and going in Korea: fashion fads, hair fads and even food fads! The newest snacking craze, churros, have caught the attention of the masses as of late. One might think that if you’ve tried one churro then you’ve tried them ...


The Battle with Dust

When I first came to Korea, I noticed that during certain times of the year, people would come out of the house wearing cloth masks to cover their noses and mouths. I thought Koreans were extremely paranoid and way too prepared for any surprise. ...


How to Make a Good First Impression

Going into work for the first time may give you feelings of anxiety, let alone doing so in a foreign country. Korea has different work culture compared to Western countries, since they pay so much respect to a person of a higher ranking or if they ...


Doing your taxes can be mentally taxing

One of the most frustrating aspects of living and working in Korea, is dealing with legal documents that are only written in Korean. It means you do not have the independence to complete forms that, as an adult, I consider to be fairly personal: ...

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